It is of great importance to us that our clients are happy with the service they receive. To maintain a high standard and understand how clients feel about the service they receive we regularly gain feedback to promote continuous improvement and satisfaction.

Here's what some of our clients said about us this year.


'The reason i signed up for a tenancy was because the price was right and i like a deal!' NS


' a really personal service, always helpful and professional' JS


' I like the site, a good place to work and some friendly people' RT


'I was really impressed by the way the team from C&C Southall were so flexible about my lease, when i first set up i did not want to sign up long term just in case things had not worked out. Now my business has become more established i feel like signing up longer term to safeguard my business as its becoming more established' SW '

'I am really pleased with the security on the site, it means i can go home at night and feel reassured that my business is being watched over' AF